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Welcome to my site

My name is Sally Collins

I am a Sound Therapist

Some of the exciting things I can provide

Cacao and Soundbath events

Care Home visits (groups or individuals)

Children’s Sound events

Emmett Techniques

Gift Vouchers available

Groove and sound events

Group Soundbaths

Hen Parties

Make and sell Dreamcatchers

Mind, Body, Spirit Fairs

Pamper Evenings

Private one to one sessions


Special Needs sessions

Trauma Release

Wellbeing Days


Yoga and Sound joint events

What is Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is said to help not only physical illness but help to balance the emotions and quieten a busy mind.  Most people feel calm and relaxed following a Sound Therapy treatment. For some this feeling will last for a few days.

Different instruments are set to certain frequencies. Sound healing allows your body to heal itself by shutting down the brainwaves which affect every cell in your body, shifting them from diseased to being in ease.

Sound therapy uses sounds, music and specialist instruments played in therapeutic ways to improve health and well-being.

Sound therapy techniques are delivered using tonal and rhythmic instruments and voice.

It can include drums, crystal bowls, chimes, gongs, tuning forks, Himalayan singing bowls, shakes, rattles, voice and many more.

Sound therapy is widely accepted in treating stress, anxiety and depression by promoting relaxation in order for the body to heal and repair.

The way your body reacts to certain sounds and vibrations can have a positive impact on your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Sally Sound Therapist

Boosts confidence

Fewer headaches

More focus

More energy

Relief from stress

Think more clearly

Improves Sleep

Reduces Inflammation 

Helps Overall Wellbeing

Calms the Mind

Please take a look at my website and contact me to see what I can do for you!

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